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Catering Menu

Korea & Japanese style buffet: (serves 40 person $1000 Minimum order)

Catering delivery and setting from scroogemaki restaurant) menu is: Radish rolls(vegi), tuna rolls, vegetable rolls, take yaki, ebi yaki, fried seafood, glass noodle(vegi jabchae), korean bbq(beef), Japanese chashu(pork), salmon sushi nigiri, shrimp sushi nigiri, white rice or fried rice. You can add or change menu if you want! Text me at 303 524 0330.

Sushi buffet catering: (serves 40 person $1500 Minimum order)

Anything you want. we can do Tuna, Salmon cutting show front of you! like original Japanese style. We have Sushi restauant(scrooge maki) at bouder. all fish from Samrock and Nisimoto. Text me 303 524 0330.

Vegetarian buffet catering: (serves 40 person $800 Minimum order)

1. Salad ( fried tufu) 2. Jabchae ( sweet potato noddle) 3. Vegie tempura (onion, potato, jukini) 4. King oyster mushroom ( this is vegie orange cheken) 5. Vegie spring roll 6. Vegi sushi roll 7. Vegi fried rice. Text me at 303 524 0330.

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